Update 12.21 in Fortnite: What has changed? New challenges ORO with zbierakiem and painting


Update 12.21 found already at 07:00 PM, what changed in her?

Update, in any case, you may not the big issues. Overall, PC players need to download just under 400 MB. The changes relate to actually you, please, and a couple of novelties in the DNG eliminate files of the game.

  • PC: 374 mb
  • Xbox: 0.9 GB
  • PlayStation: 1.1 GB

Be disappointed all those who were waiting for new elements of beauty. This is not, or not yet been discovered. It is not, however, be borne in mind that it Update the “page”. On it, you will have to wait.

Update 12.21 in Fortnite

Update presented to files, among other things, the problems of Oro. Skins, the source of all the confusion with the Golden objects. It is not known when, and in the game there will be new opportunities for Oro awakened.

Thanks to them, you can two new things to unlock – puller and painting.

It is still not known that the Skin is displayed in the Store, or is somehow different. He signed as an object in the Shop.

Also changed slot machines. Most, however, are inconsolable, because they were not added in the mode Battle Royale. Continue to be available only in creative mode. Maybe in the future this will change, and now slot machines to a Test? It is hard to say. It is not known what exactly has been changed there. As long as that Problem is the only new feature that was introduced in BR are not.



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