Usa: arrested for theft, and insured to be Beyoncé | identity | crime | rddr | world

Surena Henrya woman of 48 years Las Cruces, New Mexico (Usa), was arrested by the police steal a car and tried to Dodge, to be effective, the pop-singer Beyonce Knowles. However, the agents are discovered, their true identity and be arrested.

Last Saturday, at 7:00 on.m. (local time) a man of his reports of the disappearance car 2000 Saturn has a Golden color. The individual explained to the police that it may have to leave your key outside your house or inside the vehicle.

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Two hours later, an officer, the car was driven from Henryand tried to stop him, but she ignored the signal and continued on his way, after the court’s widely used by the newspaper Las Cruces Sun-News, United States of America.

A short time later, the thief is stopped in front of her house and was confronted by another agent. He asked the woman to identify themselves, and she replied that his name was Beyoncé Knowles. However, the cash had already been involved in the past, so that they knew who she was, according to the station KTSM.

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After the use of the fingerprint scanner and the officials of the true identity of the thief, to have confessed later found in the verified, the key car and you take him for a walk.

Henryfrom the United States to face charges for the illegal appropriation of a vehicle, concealment of identity and disability and a person arrested. She was, is in the custody of the county of Doña Ana and freed prison on Monday. The woman has already been arrested on two previous occasions for possession of stolen cars.