What a surprise! Shakira continued “creative” with Pique… this Will be recorded and published in networks! And more?


The anger caused by be Shakira through your presentation in the Super Bowl, the date keeps you on the summit of their glory, so that your name sounds in all corners of the world.

On your account of Instagram, the Colombian has been dedicated to keep, the fever, the by your songs, then you make history, and they can be used as one of the most influential Latin-American music.

Your millions of fans swarming every time the interpreter, “eyes” you make a its entertaining and stunning publications, to reach, to increase the admiration they feel of your.

In these days of isolation, the star of Medellín saves on resources, content, separate to sharing entertainment-toys, which is a little more to their fans, and from the shaft of the tragic news in regards to the coronavirus.

Influenced by the various “challenge”, which is currently on platforms such as Tik Tok and Youtube the singer of “Waka Waka” he wanted to share a video together with her husband Gerard Piqué, the a sensation.

This is the challenge, play a roll of toilet paper, as if fiera ball, pateándolo as often as possible, avoiding to fall. But the creativity Shakira he put in the “plight” of the League and asked him to do this with a bat.

To think opposite of what many to be the star of the football was very difficult, a challenge completes, so that the pictures were very funny. Once more, the artist of 43 years showed who has the say in the relationship.



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