What a tragedy! Jennifer Lopez is facing the loss of a loved one, and it Is desolate!


If I of the most prominent personalities of the entertainment industry, Jennifer Lopez one of the first places of popularity is increasing, thanks to a formula unbeatable, keeps the ankle.

Of course, we are referring to your great talent and undeniable beauty, virtues that have made this the ex, Marc Anthony love and appreciation from his audience deserves.

– In The News

Your name has not stopped talking after the impressive presentation on the most important sporting event in the United States, with the Jennifer managed to the attention of the whole world.

But in these days of sad news, the happiness marred has the “Diva from the Bronx” to know that you died would be his first love, unfortunately.

It is David cross, which he was for ten years a relationship with the artist of “Let’s get loud”even today, a person who is very dear to her.

According to the portal “TMZ”, the man reported to be 51 years old, lost his life due to a disease of the heart frequency in the hometown the music star.

It became known that López was next to the now deceased for 15 years, and then jump to fame, their union deteriorated, so joined up. Each mode, the fact, is a serious blow for the artist.



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