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The fight, Taylor Swift has take the party to the attention of the public, almost as much as their music, and their latest showdown against one of the most important manager in music not only generated headlines, but let such characters as Justin Bieber, Halsey and Demi Lovato, while the accusations and insults piled up in the social networks.

But days after so embroo experts are of the opinion that Swift and Scooter Braun, who represents Bieber and Ariana Grande, and the owner of the master is now Swift must find a way to work together to preserve the great musical heritage of Swift, as well as for money and good business.


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“Whether you like it or not, Scooter Braun, was one of the most important partners of Taylor Swift-and those are the people that have to work together now,” said Bill Will, ex-editor-in-chief of Billboard, and head of the program Bandier for industries, the recording and the show in the school of communication at the University of Syracuse.

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“Scooter wants you to continues to be the biggest star in the world for as long as possible, because they are so, how you Will said the best return for your investment”,. “I believe that in the not-too-distant future, we will see… that things are improving. I think that we can make peace.”

On Sunday, the company Ithaca Holdings brown announced that he had bought the Big Machine Label Group, the seal of the Board of Scott Borchetta, that he was in the first six albums from Swift, including awarded with the Grammy for album of the year “Fearless” in 2008 and “1989” in 2014. Swift, you said in november a contract with the Universal Music Group in time, Big Machine because you knew that you will follow up with the seal would have prevented him from to be the owner of your future work.

When he received the news of the sale of Big Machine, Swift published a hard message on Tumblr, in which he said sad and repugnada that your catalog now belonged to him, in brown.

“When I got my masters in the hands of Scott, made peace with the fact that eventually, he would sell. But I never thought, not in my worst nightmares, that the buyer would be a Scooter”, he said in his publication. “Every time Scott Borchetta heard the words ‘Scooter Braun’ out of my mouth was, when she cried, or tried not to do it. He knew what he was doing; the two of them knew it. Taxes, a woman who did not want to, which is assigned to you. And for an unlimited time. That is to say forever”.

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“If Taylor decided to have a agreement to sign, your future discs in a different place, she knew… definitely that Big Machine sold ever before would be likely to,” said Larry Miller, Director of the business program of music in the school of Steinhardt of the University of New York. “It is unfortunate that you feel this way about the place in which she is now your catalog”.

This whole dispute over the ownership of the music and the rights of artists turned into a theatre, since Swift also wrote about his engagement with Kim Kardashian and West, too, and not claim that she knew the sale of the catalogue, until you see the message on Sunday announced. The social networks have revolutionized, Borchetta published details about the message, which says that he sent Swift for the exclusive sale a night before it was announced. Screenshots informed, a contract between them that a possible new agreement that would also allow him to discuss the owner of all masters to be.

Posts by your fans support Taylor Swift in the networks:

The wife of brown, and their customers, including Lovato and Bieber, supported him, while Halsey, Todrick Hall, model and actress Cara Delevingne and music video Director Joseph Khan joined the #team Taylor (team Taylor). Singer Kacey Musgraves joined in the ring by them like posting on Instagram, the wife of brown.

It is a new Chapter in the drama of Swift, who had a dispute with public personalities, the your exnovio Calvin Harris and Katy Perry (who managed, with Swift and recently appeared in her video “You Need to Calm Down”).

“I think that Taylor, the head has had several discussions about what is good for artists in the music industry, you will have the opportunity to further discussion on the control and ownership of their own songs as an artist. But I think that, Yes, even the things of this combine with what you felt was a personal revenge,” said Will. “Now we are all talking about what pop star took which side”.

Taylor Swift released a new album, entitled “Lover” on 23 august. Miller said that he expects that things will work out in the future with your catalog.

“About four years ago, there was a big lawsuit from Taylor Swift on the launch of the Apple Music, right?… And I’m sure they found a way to work together,” said Miller, referring to the Charter of public Swift explained why she and her pulled her songs from the Apple Music by the payments to the artists. Apple agreed with Swift, and have worked together ever since.

“Big Machine” with your new property Ithaca Holdings, Taylor and his team… can you find the way to do the right thing for you and for your portfolio”.

As you say, that this lawsuit?



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