What will you say Shakira? J Balvin and Cardi B tried to imitate them


March 24, 2020 5:11 PM

The rapper and the Colombian United their voices in a fun session.

In the time of social distance, many people are looking to spend time in their homes. In the case of Cardi B and J Balvin the idea of a transfer, participate in common have fun together, nothing less than the imitation of Shakira. Both singer-songwriter (or tried to), the subject of “Not” from the Colombian.

The transfer of the deeds by Instagram, where the millions of fans Cardi and reguetonero might be able to find you in real-time. The rapper pretty lively, the force folded full voice of Shakira, the interpreter of “My people” was, and still reach the high notes of the song.

Parallel to the reactions of the fans came and went, and of all the places in the world where the transmission of Instagram Live. It should be noted that it is not the first time that the famous together, since both together in the track “I Like it” is next to ” Bad Bunny.

The last hit of Cardi B

Only a few people would think that a single speech of Cardi B before his mobile phone the emergence of the last hit of the moment would be. It all started when the rapper brought his fear about the pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus around the world, and urged all who indulge… “I Coronavirus!”, it was enough to make her cry would want in a tempo, sticky, about, the, use.

The video
46 seconds, more than 22 million times playing on Instagram, but
the last sentence attracted the attention of thousands of fans around the world, and the sphere
virtual: “I Coronavirus! Coronavirus! I’m telling you, these mi*** is
real! The mie*** is always real!”, the rapper said.

To be seen after a few days, the material was from a DJ in Brooklyn, iMarkkeyz, known for its mixtures of viral in the social networks and then extracted the scream Cardi, added more beats and turned it into a hilarious trap, give around the world. He of course: “Coronavirus”.



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