10 books to read every girl should always be in the teenage years, it


You know, if you have a complicated Phase of life is that we are in the teenage years – the famous early adolescence. It is at this point that we begin to understand better who we are and what we want, but at the same time, many questions about the world. In addition to this, we need to help more and more responsibility as you study more subjects in high school and in the household. Good Lol. But, on balance, probably not! There are a lot of books that talk a lot, and you can give advice, in order to more easily pass over the stage. Come, have a look at the list of people, the way of the 10 books should every girl to read it to this day.

My life is Off the charts

Written by Paula’s Pepperthe book introduces us to the character of Priscilla, a girl with a passion for the series, and the animal, which had just changed from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte after the divorce of their parents. It is not how much the change, and you can’t stop thinking about how his life was before. Things start better when she meets on her first day of school on Rodrigo, a boy who loves music and, like you, a little. The story tells a lot about your first love, but also about your relationship with your parents, friends, go after your dreams, and it also contains many references to the series.

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone.

This is the first book of the saga was written J. K. Rowling. In him, we begin to learn more about the history of our beloved Harry, the lost boy, 11 years old, his parents when he was a baby, and ended up raised by his aunt and uncle, that’s not very nice. The big change in his life when he discovered that he was a warlock, and because of this, you should go and study at Hogwarts, a prestigious school in the country. The story teaches great lessons about friendship and dealing with death, the next lot of courage in the face of their fears. A true classic.

With Love, Simon

Simon is a little boy who would love to be able to be who he is exactly, without worrying about what others think. That is, it represents all of us. He is very much afraid to tell the world that he’s gay, but he understands that it is necessary to be free, of course. It shows that, especially in this time that we begin to find out the gender, and it speaks about all the problems that are involved in this process in a way that was really sensitive.

According to the fifteenth: When it All Began to Change

Written by Bruna Vieirathe book is written by a pack of fairy tales, and the Chronicles from the author. In them she talks about love, friendship, disappointment, doubts about the future and change. In the reading it shows exactly that, and brings to keep the stories in my heart!!!

Turtle Up Down There

Aza Holmes, a 16-year-old girl decides to go in search of a billionaire who had disappeared leaving no trace (and to find who’s him, you win a nice price-performance ratio). In the course of the career, the character must also learn how to deal with certain issues, such as the sI have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The book is written by a John Green it teaches us a lot about relationships with other people, especially your friends.

The world of Sofia

Almost 15-year-old Sophie Amundsen receives a ticket and post cards for anonymous what are the different challenges and depth to your own life, how are, “who are you?”. From this moment on, the character is curious to find out who is sending these messages, and is fascinated by the questions we ask. Each Chapter, and the reader, are going to learn together, about the author, the philosophy of the West, is that at the end of the book with many lessons!



The book is a memoir of the author, the Iranian Marjane Satrapi. The book tells the story of Marji, from her childhood up to her adult life, shows the hardness of the taxation of the religious in the country, by the sight of a woman. She is very interested in politics, and because of this, and the reality in which he lives, he understands that the world needs to change in so many ways. So he decides, the fight for equal rights. The book teaches us how to take a critical look at these problems, in addition to talk to you a little bit about each and every stage of life.

The diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a girl, a Jewess, who lived during the Nazi time in Germany. As a result, at the age of 15, her entire family was harassed and had to hide in an Annex in the office of his father. They decided to write a journal telling about their day, living in the environment, it shows your fears, dreams and joys. This book fills a whole world of emotions, which leads us to understand more about this period of history, and teaches us how to appreciate the little things.

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor and Park is popular far from the typical profile of a teen, and the perfect life. She is a girl, a woman, a strange school, and in the end was bullied. He is a young Korean, passionate about comics and a history of the complex love relationships. The two have nothing to do, but you will find out what you can do to be the best in each other company. This is the book that tells of the first love and how she really is, with its pain and joy.

The Hatred You Have Sowed

The book shows us the reality Starr a girl in black that you have learned from a young age, as it should be Behavior with the police, so that nothing bad would happen. One day, you and your friend are pulled over, to see a group of police officers, and ends with the death of his childhood companion. After the event, Starr realizes that the situation is in need of justice. The story talks mainly about racism in a way that was straight forward, by showing its consequences, and the effects it has on the life of a person. It is this reading that opens our eyes.


What’s your next read is?



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