Because by everything high! Katy Perry want to do, recognized artist for her birthday


Although there is still half a year to your next birthday, Katy Perry to present already with the organization of the party and admitted that you want to invite a group of celebrities to this day.

The artist took in an interview with the portal “Entertainmet Tonight”, where she chatted about various topics, including this celebration, in which they attributed to famous artists.

The idea of the artist of “I Kisses a Girl” rent expressed in the sense, the jury of American Idol, although they can be complicated like this.

“I would like to be the problem is the budget, mainly due to Lionel (Richie). His mere presence would do anything to spend”, he confessed to the singer also in the area of the reality tv show.

Currently, the season is number 18 from American Idol, Simon Cowell, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and has Katy Perry as jurors, in addition to Ryan Seacrest as a presenter, who is also on the party wants.

This whole idea was created as a reminder of the wedding composer with Orlando Bloon, to your fellow television presented themselves in front of your guests. And you want to repeat it.

The production company you will have to wait until the next 25 of October, and so know when you finally in your party on this incredible group of artists.

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