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Shakira in General, you share in your social networks time spent in the work and sometimes also in your personal and family life. However, when it comes, in sensitive cases, try not giving opinions, no one criticizes this was because some of his followers.

After the undoing of the pandemic, due to the coronavirus, a lot of artists from all over the world voted so that you worry that you caused. A great disturbance is generated, the famous singer, has not taken a position on this, because it is Spain, one of the countries that suffer more by the virus due to the lack of health care.

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Shakira shows that he has a big heart and joins the fight against the coronavirus.

However, last Friday, Shakira surprised, own and alien, the decision on the coronavirus. Through a video on Instagram, the Colombian respect the forty asked his supporters and used the opportunity to criticise the governments to act quickly against the spread of the epidemic.

But that was not all, the life partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué announced on Tuesday, the 24. of March a series of photos of the facilities in his factory for the perfume and announced that they are there, using antibacterial gel, to help the Spaniards in their struggle against the COVID-19.

Shakira, the bacterial of his work for fragrances for the creation of anti.

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“I am very proud of the positive efforts of the company in these difficult times, when my partner Puig, they handed their work perfumes the manufacture of disinfectant for the hands is essential that donations be made to the Spanish government. A great example of doing good, social. I hope this inspires other companies,” wrote Shakira on the description of the images gallery.

Shakira surprises with its noble deed.

Coronavirus: celebs you support your fans in the pandemic

Various characters, social networks for sending messages of encouragement have resorted to the expansion of the coronavirus, was in quarantine, many countries moved.

Eiza González reported, for several days in isolation and asked their fans, who will follow your example. For his part, Thalia, he advised his followers to adopt the habit of washing your hands constantly and avoid the transmission of the COVID-19.

For his part, Chris Hemsworth offers courses free-of-charge training of your app, to allow users, dealing with boredom or stress, which causes the quarantine.

Famous pronounced, and brought to prevent your grain of sand, the spread of the coronavirus.

Shakira: users of the singer to congratulate, for your solidarity

A lot of followers Shakira they were surprised by the decision to put the singer and the floor, where they create their perfumes to create disinfectants that do so, is missing in Spain, against the coronavirus.

“God bless you. You are and become a role model for many,” Thank you, Shakira. Always so human”, “Queen”, “you’re amazing,” were some of the messages from the Instagram of the artist.

Shakira: fans thank you for your solidarity



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