Dua Lipa shows that it is under her bra in a daring photo from Instagram


The famous and beautiful singer, Dua Lipa, is currently promoting their new record, although in this period of quarantine is running everything is normal, so he decided to attract the attention of your fans showed a bra super clearly, that or under.

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The became famous through several visits of TV programs, until it has been aborted, so that now increases, content, social networks, and many other actions for the promotion of your new content-by-step and delight their fans with risque photos.

The singer’s clothing was always made in search of comfort, and much more, if it is somewhere where you are not too cold, to be free, but this time it’s a photo shoot.

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Lipa has a magnificent beauty, for where it appears, a lot of beauty, so that this look was so bold, that your fans are thrilled the stay in love, with thousands of his followers and fans of your pupil.

Click here to see the photo of Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa was devoted to a joint photo on his official Instagram, where she is with a white background, in a bra and white transparent and red pants, with a pair of earrings super cute had shone.

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Photo, he would have almost 2 million “likes” only 4 hours, so that we can imagine, how many likes, because all of them were surprised to see that it is what’s under her bra.

It should be remembered that Dua Lipa addiction is always the comfort, the observance of the customs of the society, such as the use of a bra, so he removed the bra completely.

Dua Lipa is one of the artists has been all the rage in the last few months, both by his talent as by its beauty, as well as his habit of not wearing a bra, since it is super popular with its fans and users in social networks.



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