Epic Games is fighting fraud in Fortnite Champion Series. Four players banned – Cybersport.pl


After the first week of the competition in the second season of the second Chapter Fortnite Series Champion, who went in spite of the same battle without disputes. Epic Games decided to punish four players, according to the developers of the game to cheat during the games decided on the cooperation with each other.

The Situation that took place during the finals in the East the Region between the two best pairs in this tournament, that is to say, Slackers and Keys and Kreo and Bucke, showed in his Twitter-athletes Droxide. As it turned out, couples dared to take shots on the exchange with each other during the games played, which allowed them the wrath of a storm that punished players for niezadawanie violations during the later stages of the game. Epic Games believes it is abroad to deceive in the League with the intention of during the game, and decided to banned players with all the official tournaments Fortnite to 60 days, and Rob are playing your results with oszukiwanych.

With the decision of the developer of the game agreed on, part of professional athletes, including members of the Misfits Cody’s “Clix” Conrod and the victim Kodoclaiming that Epic Games decided to fast on the disqualification of the player and that the player had no possibility of the explanation of this Situation. Everything points to the fact that the penalty is saved in their current state.

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