Fact-Checking XIX: The coronavirus is a stay at mustaches or beards? I donated it to Rihanna to US$ 5 million for the fight against the virus?


Up to now all the known ways of transmission of coronavirus from person to person, if you are in close contact with the sick. For example, the live under the same roof, share the same room in a hospital, travelling for several hours in one and the same means of transport, or the care of a sick person without the required level of protection, displays the web page of the Ministry of health.

But new questions arise, without a clear answer, nor needed. How the virus could possibly stay on beards or moustaches due to their close proximity to dangerous areas, such as the nose or the mouth?

According to Dr. Caesar busts, infectólogo the Clínica Universidad de los Andes, is not yet known, that, if “it is advisable to avoid the use of bart, since the use of mask, what is ideal is that the face is free for the best adhesion and effective. In this regard, it is important to be responsible with the use. A good adhesion is not allowing the air to escape or ingress of particles from the patient. The correct use of the mask serves as a barrier to protect the nasal mucous membrane and oral”.

The issues around the prevention of coronavirus that emerged varied. And in this sense, in social networks have viralizando a series of questions about the people, the travel in countries as in danger, as in Italy or Spain.

The Chilean government has for the people who arrive in countries such as Italy or Spain, you need to quarantine of 14 days. And although not all were met, Yes, we were asked what happened with the family, the preventive quarantine and lives in the same place? Many began to suggest that it is for families or groups of people living under the same roof, also, it was the duty of the quarantine, since the introduction of Phase 4, it is true.

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Today, experts advise to stay home to avoid any person, the spread of the virus, and in this case, the closure is mandatory due to caution, is only for the traveler, if you don’t, also for your loved ones. Today, in Phase 4, the recommendation is to quarantine are, in total for all travellers, particularly in countries with a high risk of WHO, and for the whole family and the core in the vicinity with intimate contactfor the same 14 days.

The idea is to prevent that it is a journey, a possible contagion of the people in the house, so measures must be taken to quarantine the standard quarantine family: piece of wash separate, correct hands, must make it bad for the person, and in the case of non-fulfilment of the, each time you use the toilet, the toilet with chlorine. Means that the insulation in the house, to pay attention to this person, and be super-on the occurrence of symptoms.

If a family appeared to them, symptoms, there are two ways to approach: If they are mild, “my recommendation is, don’t atochar auxiliary services, and consider, with a high risk of contact with other, also do quarantine and if you already have symptoms, moderate or severe, such as difficulty breathing, confusion, to consult persistent fever of more than 48 hours, a treatment and test”, explains Pablo Gutierrez, doctor, internist, Hospital Padre Hurtado and the German clinic.

The American singer and the large sum handed over the money to his NGO’s Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF), a non-profit organization founded in 2012 to honor her grandparents, with the aim of financing programs for an innovative school, preparing for and responding to emergencies around the world.

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“CLF was one of the first organisations, in answers to some of the most devastating natural disasters in the world, and we have seen first-hand the profound consequences and unwanted, not prepared,” reads the official homepage of the Foundation, you explain that the money is for multiple organizations, working locally to support banks, the food for the community in danger and oldest in the United States, the acceleration of testing and attention in countries such as Haiti and Malawi, protective equipment for health workers, among others.

According to the slogan of the magazine “Vanity Fair” Rihanna would other celebrities who have decided to contribir to the containment of the pandemic with millionaires contributions, when the couple Bill and Melinda Gates, and singer and actor Justin Timberlake or the designer Donatella Versace.