Geisy Arruda, makes the fans drool with her in a bikini: “I Never thought that it is a mistake, even to this woman,”


You make the card, and flying to the ground, Geisy Arruda, a temperature rise when you appear in a bikini on the record of a journey

Geisy Arruda he left his followers with the mouth open on the last Tuesday and on Thursday, the 25., if you tried soaking for a day in the sun.

The strengthening came in with a bikini-the pink collection, which is a trend of the season, which was covered by the a output to the beach and the black is transparent.

You give a lot of value in the curves of the beautiful body of the model, in the hope that the flight down, so that the card in the camera.

The fans were going crazy with the jump, and you were commenting to. “I never thought it was a defect, even to this woman“one of them said. “They do not deserve to clap in the hands, worthy of the Tocantins river, the whole“joked the other.

In these times of social isolation, Geisy, the memory comes to the recording of a trip along the coast to the North-East.

Geisy Arruda poses in bikini and gets compliments

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