Hailey Baldwin is the drama with Selena Gomez in the past


After several years of an alleged rivalry between Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin all seems to indicate that the model has stopped, the drama between the interpreter ‘Loose you to love me‘and her husband, Justin, Bieber, in the pastso Baldwin has shown their support for Gomez in the social networks.

The day, of yesterday, Hung Vanngo, maquillista Selena Gomez, shared several images and videos of the singer on its official account of Instagram in order to show the amazing result of the look of the actress for the American Music Awards in 2019, however to talk about what it was really about was the ‘like‘of Hailey Baldwin in one of the publications.

Even if it is for some, it may be a simple ‘like‘, for the followers of the two personalities is more than that, because it is estimated that it showed the way in the Hailey his support for Selena.

The panic attack from Selena

It should be noted that the presentation of Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards chose her triumphant return to the stage, so the artists took care of every detail, without exaggeration, however, the singer has a fit of panic and fear before you go on stage.

In spite of the disadvantages, Selena came on the stage and gave a presentation icon.



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