Impressive symbiosis of Jennifer Lopez with parasites can crazy employees


The singer shares a video, there is no doubt on his fans

A few days ago Jennifer Lopez he shared it in their networks, a video, caused a strong sensation among the fans. Since the alarm of the high similarity between the house of the singer and of the house, the film jumped Parasites. The actress Hollywood released a couple of images where you can see how it goes in these days of housing to prevent coronavirusand what is the attention of your fans is what seems to be a lot of to begins, your villa, which appears in the film Parasites.

As such, the situation you currently live in the world, Jennifer Lopez did not stop, back to your fans to tell you how you live, this time, with her hashtag is #EstadASalvo. The artist explained in a tweet, accompanied by a video with your fiance Alex Rodriguez and his son Maxalthough can’t leave, not entertainment, are missing.

Jennifer Lopez

In the video we can observe how your child moves through the courtyard of the house with a hoverboarddances and, finally, into the pool. The house is located in the district of Ponce-Davisin the city Coral Gablesin Miami. The stunning home of Jennifer Lopez jumps into the eye, is known for its spectacular equipment, but also by their great resemblance to the mansion of the film Parasites.

The film is about a middle-class family, the try, the advantages of a rich family, to find work. That is, if the fans JLO you start with a joke and asked again, if you are a therapist, art, or a teacher of English.

Villa of Jennifer Lopez

With reference to the figures, Ki Young and Ki-Woo, the movie is fake, to live their professional, family, rica. The winning film of Oscar, an example of the differences, born of a situation, or other facilities, or different difficulties.

He also jumped on the network to a different theme, boasting luxury in an emergency situation, such as it is, we are, have a house, like, enjoy, Jennifer Lopez and your family makes it much easier for the circumstances. Many users in the network commented that it was very easy, to be sure, in a house full of luxury, as he lives in, the singers, when the rest of the population still worried about the situation, we may be exposed to a serious economic situation, when this is all over.



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