It is not Jennifer Lopez, Kimberly Loaiza impressed in the video


Kimberly Loaiza impressed Linduras in Tiktok with a dance in the style of Jennifer Lopez had become a challenge to the famous application.

The loveliness is Bigger, pulled the shoes and stockings, and with a comfortable outfit, but its beautiful silhouette on the left started, pull out your best steps.

Kim danced to the rhythm of The ring pa’, if, song, JLO interptretó during the SuperBowl and there was a trend.

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To make it more attractive, the short video there were five of Kimberly’s on the screen and in the description of the video, The cuteness and More in question, that such danced their clones.

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Kim Loaiza and John of God Pantoja are quite active in Tiktok, what to look for, put your post to their followers to stay home and enjoy your content.

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In one of his latest videos the couple made a funny scene of jealousy of Kim danced bravely for their linduras if Pantoja opens the campo on the screen, and the threat to those who approach him.

Kimberly and Juan de dios are in the house, in quarantine, along with Kima and some closest friends, challenge your followers to stay, at home against the Coronavirus.



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