It makes sure that Kylie Jenner you will have to copy your nails and as funny are the reactions in the networks


The users of the internet, Jocelyn Briseño, was the day of several people at the reservation on his account of Instagram a story, where he pulled a screenshot Kylie Jenner the fact that multiple copies of her, and not only that, but also Kylie, she reads minds.

You may be asking yourself: what Quéee? Yes, to take into account as you read, in your publication that just the two days, thinks, nails color, the socialite is already about the same color. In addition, he makes almost every time it is a nail design, Kylie, you will have to copy, what is that supposed to be?

“Although this seems very invented, I swear that I I have what. Always happens to me and is real. 98% of the time, I wear the nails of one color, or I think of ponérmelas a specific, two-day Kylie Jenner of the same color brings”he writes.

Obviously, the reactions in the social networks came to light and were so funny that they made sure the day. Here we collect some:

She’s not Kylie, but it’s still funny:

What do you mean? Like Kylie you will have to copy and read the mind, or not?



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