Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez play “Couples Challenge” by quarantine from Covid-19


In the middle of the insulation, which lives in the States, because the pandemic coronavirusthe singer and vegetarians Miley Cyrus took a puppy to keep you company in these days of crisis in health care.

The interpreter, “Malibu” is an active advocate for the rights of animals and an advocate of adoption.

miley cyrus fashion for the dog

Miley Cyrus, exesposa of the actor Liam Hemsworthand the platform, Instagram has used to present Bo Cyrus, her new pet, and received the name, nickname, was the father of the singer, as was a high school student.

This is a message revealed in your program of IGTV “Bright-Minded”. The producer saved Bo in The Wagmor Luxury Spa Hotel & Rescue in Studio City, California, in the middle of that Miley know very well, because it has taken, and the other dogs. You can also read: The story behind the 40 tattoos of Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus takes canine coronavirus

According to the owner of the place, “People” reported that many pet owners have, since in the assumption, which has brought their dogs due to unemployment and economic crisis, the pandemic Covid-19. Melissa Bacelar, the owner of the center for adoptions, has recently launched a non-profit organization.

miley cyrus takes dog coronavirus

It is known that Miley Cyrus it is a faithful promoter of the adoption of the animal, therefore, now more than 10 animals saved. According to People, was a pig, who is adopted, baptized, Bubba Sue, in the year 2014, after her dog Floyd died suddenly. You can also read: Photo: she is the alleged reason for the split of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

adoption of dogs-coronavirus

Bo Cyrus is a mix of Belgian shepherd dog, it came to add love to the heart of Miley.

Up to the time of the world health organization and other experts in epidemiology have shown that Pets have to take the risk, COVID-19. You will not fail.

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