Jennifer Lopez dares to do the ‘couple challlenge’


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez makes the 'couple challenge'.


  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex, have played in Rodriguez, the challenge of Tiktok ‘couple challenge’.
  • The couple takes a lot of decision-making, among other topics, who is disorganized, or more fun for both of you.

    Due to the current quarantine, many of the ‘celebrities’ are completely addicted to social networks —we are, as we are. In the case of Aitana Tiktok could be this week or Jennifer Lopezalso has not shown that this platform has only successfully young people from the generation of, for example, So trapped, her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, and was animated with the last challenge viral: the ‘couple challenge’. What is it about? A couple is recorded while someone makes with you, you ask. Both, with eyes closed, to show who is believes to be lazy, stoves, or stingy, among other adjectives. All questions are worth it! For example, in the case of the challenge, JLo, the contact person —seems your daughter about who was the first person to say ‘I love you’ (both agree that Alex), who is the most romantic (Alex, once more), or who is more gastoso (what JLo). What fun it is to verify that on most of the questions, which none of them agreed 😅.

    Lopez, dressed in sports clothing and in the villa— you know, superfluous thanks to this quarantine, the promised gave us the one or the other route, and how you behave in the privacy of. A naturalness that we love!

    This challenge consisted of 14 questions, in which it became clear that a view of reality very different. Yes, what doesn’t match, apparently, that Jennifer took the initiative, the first kiss, he is the best cook, the more than stubborn, and who no longer care for the body in the morning. He, however, seems to be more social duo.



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