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Sad news. David Cruz, the first friend Jennifer Lopez and who died was your partner in the course of 10 years, last Saturday, the 21. March in the hospital Mount Sinai West of Manhattan, New YorkUnited States Of America).

According to the statements of his wife and his son to TMZ, the cross -who was described as a man of “lovingly and in the heart of the city”he died because “a condition heart rate”.

“He was a devoted father, helped with the education of her stepchildren, who are now in the Marina. He loved the Yankees, and the Knicks”, he added that the woman shared with him the last years of his life.

David Cruz was the first big love Jennifer Lopez; both grew up in the new York city borough of the Bronx and began to leave you, if you are 15 years old and still in school.

Cruz lived in addition to Jennifer Lopez the steps of his ascent to fame, but they ended shortly before the singer and actress received the role of the protagonist, you live to ‘Selena’that has been published.

Up to the time Jennifer Lopez it was decided, on the death of your former spouse and social networks, the latest release) has a role in three days ago – about the the movie “Queen of Tex-Mex” in the main.

“I can’t believe the last 23 years since the release of this incredible film-and 25 years after his death. Selena was a great inspiration for me, and I was lucky to be chosen to interpret them. As an artist, this film was truly an experience that you will remember for the rest of my life. Share your memories of Selena and the movie with me then”he wrote.


What is Jennifer Lopez ‘life’ in the same manor Parasite?

Jennifer Lopez, what is’life’ in the same manor Parasite?



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