Jennifer Lopez showed off her backline on the stage, without realizing it


The pretty singer of puerto Rican origin Jennifer Lopez is known for performing spectacular shows however, it is not factory wired and adjusted in-have some setbacks, like any other, and that during one of his presentations showed your linda the hinterland.

JLo is characterized by a exquisite body to dance next to a cute voice and, above all, an innate ability.

Also you did not know, perhaps, but its impressive hinterland secureddon’t know , doubt prepares you for any dispute.

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Like everything in life can happen, and no one is happening without a debate of any kind Jennifer Lopez and touched him with something she would have never expected, it happened, in the year 2016, when the singer gave a concert Las Vegas.

Surely you remember that the interpreter “Jenny from the block” dancer is an expert, she loves dancing salsa and their movements on this occasion to trancionaron, since they ended with the breaking of your suit, there is a fotogrrafía that one of your fan managed to capture.

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In the snapshot you can on Lopez, with his back to the audience while she danced to the song “In the floor” and in the moment, ducked to the ground to touch with their legs stretched was, as it happened of the misfortune, during this time, you can see how much detail their vast hinterland.

Although already four years old is iconic to remember, that presentation, although several casiones could be, appreciate the great way, your linda the hinterland there is to see, while you expected.


Currently, Jennfer Lopez is in voluntary quarantine because of pandemic the benefit of the whole world, even though the coronavirus is not racist, it is both normal people as well as big stars, can we not hope that Jlo contagious and very safe.

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