Katy Perry and Madonna to fall for fake videos, the Italians sing their themes in the middle of the quarantine | TV-Show


“It is not the doing of man can break. We are a “all”. The was published the news that the singer Katy Perry on Twitter to a video of a community in quarantine ” in Italy, allegedly by success Roar.

The problem is that the clip was edited, to do, to fall, the artist, by the audio of one of their concerts over the images.

The pictures actually belong to a district in the municipality of Casoria, to scream in Napolés, where their residents came out on their balconies and sing: “don’t give up… We stay home. That night, everything Casoria, a member of the choir is to give… people never will be, not to be beaten, so come to Naples!”.

But Perry was not the only one to fall. The pop-queen Madonnawas also a victim of the same joke. “We raise all of us. In all parts of the world!”the artist, wrote to share the clip, where this time she heard her song I Rise.

For his part, Shawn Mendes he did what a story shows itself on Instagram, where she shared that the community interprets one of his topics: “Wow”wrote the singer beside the pictures, which was then deleted.

The British singer Cheryl he assured that he came, not to cry, when images of the community, and they interpreted their song Fight for this love.


In this way, it is possible to find versions of the clip with different songs to wait so that you just have to see whether the most famous fall.



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