Kim Kardashian runs against Taylor Swift: “you lie!”


The drama started in the year 2016, due to the filtration of a conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift where the interpreter ‘Bad Blood‘accepted, that the rapper call the ‘bitch’ on success ‘Famous‘not yet finished, as last weekend, the call has been completed is known between these two artists.

On this call, you can appreciate how Swift never accepted that the interpreter ‘Closed on Sunday‘the calls in the way, prompting a wave of criticism on social networks in the direction of the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashianbecause it should be remembered that she was the one in Florence, commissioned, filter the call, and ‘edit’ in the year 2016, by you look like a liar to Taylor.

The answer of Taylor Swift

Once revealed, the call is complete, no personalities, the conflict, had announced in this respect, until the day of yesterday night, the first, so was the interpreter ‘Shake it Off‘who took your account of Instagram to Express what follows:

“Instead of answers, all those who are wondering how I feel due to the filtering of the video proof that I’ve always told you the truth about that conversation (Yes, that was illegally recorded, edited and manipulated by a certain person in my life a living hell for me and my family for the past four years) rather, you slide the screen to the video, what is really important”

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Kim Kardashian runs against Taylor Swift: “you lie!”
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Kim Kardashian runs against Taylor Swift

These statements made the prominent explodes and takes your twitter account for the attack on Taylor Swiftliar, called him:

Taylor Swift has decided to reactivate an old conflict, the feels in this time, very selfish in the face of the suffering that millions of actual victims (due to the COVID – 19). I didn’t feel the need to comment a few days ago, and I’m actually really embarrassed to do it in this time, but to talk because you more about that, I feel that I can respond no other choice but to, because they are really lying.”

“To be clear, the only problem I had was with regard to the situation that Taylor had her publicist announce that “Kanye never called to ask for permission” you spoke clearly so I stopped to see the. No one denied that the word “bitch” is used outside, without your permission, she continued, socialite, “In the moment, in the languages, the song was complete, but as you can see in the video you manipulated the truth about his actual conversation in your statement, when you said with your computer, that you “went to him and warned before the release of a song with a message misogynist so strong”. The lie was never to bitch about the word “”, always was, if he has a call or not, and the tone of the conversation.”

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I never got the video (another lie): only I don’t have to do a few clips with Snapchat to my point and the video in full length, leaked recently, is changing the narrative. At the conclusion of Kanye as an artist has the right to document their travels and musical process, how you documented him recently about his documentary, continued Kim, “Kanye has, the production of all their albums to your personal file, however, never none released to the public, and the conversation between the two would have remained private or would have gone to the trash, if she hadn’t lied to defend forzándome as well as you”

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Finally, the entrepreneur is asked to bomb excuse me, more than 64 supporters with such statements: “This is the last time, when you talk about that, because, frankly, nobody cares. I am sorry to bore you all with this. I know you guys are all dealing with topics serious and important.”

There is no doubt that Kim knew Kardashian, like him, fight, Taylor Swift, have now personalities, the followers of all the parties involved wait for the answer of the artist as Kanye West.