Kim Kardashian shared a meme in Catalan, to laugh with you don’t stop


Millions of people around the world are trapped in their homes to brake, the curve of the spread of coronavirus.

Surfing is one of the things that we in the free time before empleábamos in activities outside of the house, and the memes are a good source of entertainment.

From the moments viral local, as the neighbor of Valldesillas (Valladolid), on the “fuñigan all over the face”, on videos, of which we do not know where they come from.

This is what happened, Michael Bublé shared a video with members of the groups Catalans doctor Prats and owls, asks that anyone who knew who they were, what the comments say.

Kim Kardashian was another well-known faces, the Stories together a fun video of the viral Instagram. In it we see a father sitting on the couch, while she hears that her daughter is calling him from afar. Quickly disguises itself with a photo-giant own sofa in order to be “invisible”, when the little one comes into the salon.

A strange situation it reflects the state of stress, you will experience that many parents try all of the tele work or daily tasks in captivity with their children.

But, without a doubt, but what has attracted the attention of this video is that the little one speaks Catalan. Another proof of how fast and far each content through the network.



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