Kim Kardashian, the war between Kanye West and Taylor Swift joined


The world thought that the battle Kanye West and Kim Kardashian against Taylor Swift already over; however, they all were wrong. Now, after four years, the difficulties of a resurgence this last weekend had.

All this because a new video came out, she noticed that Taylor Swift said, the truth in every moment, and the gifts, the reality is were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. In this shot you can see, if West the singer is called to give you a sample of a few lines from his song “Famous”.

During the call, the rapper is said, the letters were not to be interpreted narrowly, in a negative way. “I don’t think that’s a bad, “said West. What Taylor replied only that the hear.

“Say umm, and what’s weird is that the first time and my wife heard what he said to me: ‘huh? It’s crazy toblah, blah, blah’. And then, if Ninja from die Antwoord heard this, he said : ‘oh, my God, Kanye, this is very crazy! This is why I love Kanye, blah, blah’. And now the line is a favorite of my wife. So I just wanted to say that before. Because something like that goes: ‘all my blacks from the South who know me, I feel that Taylor Swift must me sex“sang the rapper of 42 years.

And, even though Swift seemed to be not accepted is very comfortable with the idea that they were “letter of poor”. “I never thought I’d say that you have me on a line in one of their songs. … Something that is really good is, “he added.

“Therefore, I am to call you: you’ve got an army, you have a cursed land of two billion people, basically. And if you think that is funny and cool and hip-hop. And if you, the artist, is Ye, and that you love her. And I think the people would like to and therefore I think it would be a movement, cool, you’re the one who says: ‘I like this song. Or whatever, this song is great’. Because I shit on the rest of my album, I say: ‘bet that RJ (ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian) and I, we were friends’,” he explained. Moments later, adding that the letter also sayI made it famous“.

If you hear this, the singer laughed, what else, the album ” West, he said, but it was clear to him that I would have to me superior, as an idea, an idea seemed crazy to him.

“Oh, my God! Wow, I think would you think about it, because it is the first time that I hear the. Would think about itbecause it is absolutely crazy,” stated.

However, that was the only line of the song that you heard. And when the song was first introduced to the whole world, the song that not only spoke to the singer of 30 years, because it also says I made that bitch famous. What is translated as “I’m famous in this bitch“.

When you declare to this song in 2016, the singer said that she had never approved of the bitch” in the song may be called”.

Last Monday, the singer has referred to the information from the light in the history of Instagram. But explained that he would prefer that people focused on the global situation, that it’s impact on all of us.

Instead of answers to those questions, which plays the video, and prove that he is the truth about says the whole time: *call* (you know, the one that was recorded illegally, someone edited and manipulated, to see me angry and he made us a real hell for me, my family and my fans for 4 years)… scroll up to see what is really important”wrote in to your account, in which a link directed to the page of “Feeding America”.

“The world health organization and Feeding America are some of the organizations for which I donate. If you have the opportunity, please follow to donate my, during this crisis,” he added.

But Kardashian West would not allow the singer had the last word, so that, according to Swift, the, you, also, he added something more to the fight in a series of tweets posted on his account.

“Taylor Swift has decided to reactivate an old exchange, the feels in this time, very selfish because suffering faced by millions of real victims in this moment. I didn’t feel the need to comment a few days ago, and I’m actually really embarrassing, and mortificada to do this at the moment, but to talk more about that, I feel, that I wrote no other choice than to respond, because she’s lying really,” he said.

“To be clear, the only problem I had was with regard to the situation, that Taylor lied about your publicist, explained that Kanye never called to ask for permission …” She spoke clearly, so I stopped it. No one denied that the word “bitch” be used outside without your permission. In the moment, in languages, the song was not yet complete, but as you can see in the video, he manipulated the truth about his actual conversation in your statement, when you said with your computer ‘Went to him and warned before the release of a song with a message misogynist so strong‘. The lie was never about the word bitch, always, whether, in fact, there was a call or not, and the tone of the conversation, “he added.

I never got the recording (another lie): only I don’t have to do a few clips with Snapchat to my point and the video in full length, leaked recently, is changing the narrative. Add Kanye as an artist has the right to document their travels and musical processso , as you have done it recently on his documentary has. Kanye has documented the making of all their albums to your personal file, however, never published no one would have for the public, and the conversation between the two, remained private or would have gone to the garbage, if she had not lied, and I will be forced to defend him. This is the last time, when you talk about that, because, frankly, nobody cares. I am sorry to bore you all with this. I know you guys are all dealing with topics serious and important“she finished her statement.

But, once again, the team from Swift would not stand idly by and to release the publicist of the singer, the Declaration made in the year of 2016 on Twitterin response to one of the tweets from Kardashian.

“I am a specialist man Taylor advertising, and this is my original statement, to EDITING WITHOUT them. By the way, if you roll parts of a video to edit, that is. PS: who’s angry with, to show through this video?”, you joked.

“Kanye you are not asked to consent, but asked Taylor launched her single ‘Famous’ in his Twitter account. You he refused and warned him against the publication of a song with a message misogynist so strong. Taylor never learned the letters real‘I famous bitch'”, a message that the magazine Rolling Stone confirmed, was the same, the notice, if the message originally.

The cause of this problem was when West interrupted Swift during his speech at the Video Music Awards in 2009. Nevertheless, everything remained, when the couple was photographed at the Grammys 2015, and though Swift, was presented to him by a VMA West. But, months later, when West published the infamous song, was part of the album ” The Life of Paul.



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