Kylie Jenner would like you to spend their quarantine at the beach and in a bikini


The quarantine viruses SARS2-COV2-or coronavirus no longer has us trapped in our houses, if you know what you can try in your rooms, you can, new routines, beauty, on the preparation deo self-made and until you have learned how to disinfection of clothing in these hard times. Only you have to scroll a little in our website and you will find tips for dealing with this contingency. If what you enjoy is dream Wake up, then you’re like Kylie Jenner, of us he shared one of his dreams the most expensive in this time.

And is that the entrepreneur and owner of the company Kylie Cosmetics shared a few hours ago a couple of pictures where she looks so relaxed on the beach and in the sun. Initially, we thought that Kylie had broken the rule not to leave the house, but then we realized that it is the photos that took place a long time ago on a trip to the beach.

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With a pink bikini with abstract print (very on trend, by the way), Kylie of photos: “Wishing this was me right now”, what means in German wrote in the description: “in the desire, so that now”. Which means that Kylie still leave the house, and this was just a reminder of the longing of him to the sun, sand and sea. What we can confirm, that your swimsuit is fantastic and we have a purchase, as it’s going on right now, is that all of the COVID-19.

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Due to the recent crisis, various artists, celebrities and influencers sharing photos in social networks at home. This list contains Maluma, also recently shared a picture with her two dogs, in pajamas, without a shirt, you go a gift for your actions!

As these celebs, the best thing you can do to the contingency, it is to be home. In this case, that you leave for work neck-used, cloth and above all, wash the hands constantly in the day. Together, we can create it.



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