Marina Ruy Barbosa is dance class… and Alessandra Ambrosio is back – to-Dateness


In the house, to the observance of the social isolation, the volunteer for the the pandemic the new Corona virusMarina House. America, the physical exercise has encouraged to do the fans. The Actress the Brazilian took part in a dance lesson from a choreographer and dancer Justin’s nephew, was an interruption of the direct in the Instagram.

For a moment, what has led to get as many fans together, other well-known faces, such as, for example, in the case of model Alessandra Ambrosio.

According to the magazine, in the direct he started at the sound of his track “the Ball Rolls”, the Tropkillaz J. Balvin, Hattusa Anitta and mark Zaacthe song was followed by, “Called”, the Compassion and Leo’s South.

For a moment, which you can see in the video in the gallery.

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