Miley Cyrus recalls “Hannah Montana”, in a live, alongside Emily Osment


Miley Cyrus surprised her fans for the first time, a new Chapter of the “Bright-Minded: Live With Miley”, a section that conveys your account of Instagram, and you speak with different celebrities, such as Demi Lovato, among others.

On this occasion, the singer and actress, recalled the past, in a conversation in addition to Emily Osment, the actress who embodies “Lilly”, in Hannah Montana, the series that aired on the Disney Channel and took part in the adolescence.

The singer revealed during the interview your images from the time of the program, to catalog live, such as “the meeting of the decade”. Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment shared by his followers, the different experiences in the program as their first press conferences, where the singer confessed that she has had the opportunity of her mother, which will cause you to have false teeth, because they were like, the first teeth before you for a photo shoot.

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Both of them remain friends till today, this is the reason that Cyrus decided to talk to her in their “special program” the network, ensure that it is Osment a great lover of animals, to maintain a call, and to protect the animals during the quarantine of the coronavirus.

Check part of the “interview” afterwards:



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