“Miss Americana”, the documentary film of Taylor Swift: the story of a rebellion pop


A few weeks ago at the awards ceremony of the American Music Awards, I had to bancar Taylor Swift, and before the onslaught of a number of colleagues and friends.

In the informal interview, the pop star from Nashville (Tennessee) behaved as an industrial product developed, on the basis of the claims according to the market, a look, the me, figueras, because I always regarded them an artist, the mind, the way in business, greedy, taking account of their own artistic instinct and desafiándose itself.

And not only that: also rescaté Taylor is the misogyny of colleagues, and his faith came to obtain of God the commandments that had been in business with, grew up in his early years of promising star of the country.

They believe, very blonde and beautiful, for his radio play? Behind vos.

Fortunately, after a few days of Netflix premiere Miss Americanathe documentary , the wool Wilson strengthens this parable of empowerment, real dangers, up to the zero degree of ethical and aesthetic Swift.

“My whole code of morality, as a child, and now, is the need to think good about myself,” says Swift, in the implementation, such as the prologue to a story of how it runs, it just reacts against it.

“You have taught me to be happy, if I grateful. So, if you are living, so you want a bunch of strangers, this is where you get your pleasures and satisfactions, a single bad thing, what you can do, that it all falls together,” he adds and immediately Wilson focuses not only on a “bad” thing, but on several.

For the case reminded, when the ascending Taylor wins a MTV movie award and the rapper Kanye West, gifted, but very rude, the hand snaps to Beyonce to say that she deserves this award. Or if there is a dee jay taps him on the queue, when the two posed for a photo.

Swift gave battle in front of such situations, avasallaron your physical and emotional, against these abuses. He fought on all fronts, the media, the judiciary, from face-to-face. They showed the claws and aflore let one aspect, lethargic from his personality.

Wilson manages it all with a lush, file cameras, and embedded situations in the household, these show how creative processes in the elementary voltages come intimate like Taylor Swift has with her father, the stockbroker Scott Swift, the advises, the know his position, in opposition to the Republican party.

The efforts of the singers concentrated on dynamite, the hegemony of Marsha Blackburn, a candidate for the Senate from his home, which he calls “Trump wig” because of the violation of the rights of women and of the collective LGBTQ.

In this section, after you to remember, such as the group country (and women) Dixie Chicks-loaded to George Bush in 2003, days before the allied invasion of Iraq, Taylor Swift regrets were to be unobtrusive in respect to their political views and decides to put them in action.

And it is then Miss Americana delivery plus: displays the exact time, in the Taylor pushes it to send an extensive explanation,statement) read in your profile of Instagram. “In the past, I have to comment only reluctantly to the public, my political opinion, but due to various events in my life and in the world in the last two years, I now feel quite differently about it,” he said.

“I’ve always exhibited my voice, and always, I will protect, to the candidate, and is fighting for the human rights that all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for the rights of LGBTQ, and any form of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I think that the racism-systemic, that we still see in this country against people of color is frightening, repulsive and widely used. I can’t rate, to fight someone who is not ready, color, gender or whom you love for the dignity of ALL Americans, regardless of their skin. It is postulated that the Senate in the U.S. state of Tennessee, Blackburn is a woman named Marsha. To keep as much as they did in the past, and I would like to vote for the women in the office, I cannot support”.

Of course Miss Americana the effect of these claims to money laundering, Swift, in respect of demonstration of power. Not managed to reverse the trend cheap from Blackburn in those laws to 2018, so that can brag that Trump has declared “I like it, 25 percent less, the music of Taylor Swift”.

Kanye West has do not generate any back-conceptual, something like that.



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