Paolla Oliveira says he is not afraid to expose himself, after the life I’ve Lived, Award, check it out


I lived through effort, it is without a doubt a Baby, as well as Paolla Oliveira, has given life to the characters. However, some of the actions of the two are different. The stunning actress says she has always had a policy on the protection.

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However, the character lived in “The mistress of the hill”, he has you to reconsider some of the points in this way. Today Paolla Oliveira says that it runs your social network, and it has lost a little bit of a fear, exposed.

This is because it is only on your Instagram with the the actress for about twenty-five million followers. And it can carry a heavy load, after all, that is the ratio of the Paolla Oliveira is different.

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This Paolla says, “that Was the most comfortable I have. I do not have to be lived through, nor the Camila Coutinho and continue along. I have a network that has something to do with me, it speaks to those who follow me, don’t kill me”

Complemented by speaking of the conquest over the I lived for the effort, “I Am a spontaneous and genuine in social networks, this is the way I am. And I’ll take care of everything. You say, “we have a team handle everything, and we don’t know what can happen”.

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