Pastor Mark Poncio called his son to Him Poncio of the poor, and vile, check it out


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This is because a while ago … Pastor Mark Poncio at the end called Him Poncio is “weak” and “contemptible”. At that time, in that you are constantly involved with her son, Saul, Poncio Life.

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Pastor Mark Poncio does not seem to be a bit comfortable with the situation, but it is not made of matter. He said that, although you love your child, sometimes things get complicated and there is a need to do something.

He also said that the fact that it can be the pastor finished, there is a greater focus on the situation, and it charged too much. But, as all of them, they were Shortcomings and limitations. So it is understandable Situations such as these.

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In addition to this, Pastor Mark Poncio he explained that this is an opinion, it’s about your son, and that is after the time, and not to Saul. Poncio in particular. Here’s the video of the interview is below and take your conclusions:

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Beautiful! In an interview, ” I have spoken prmarcioponcio, called Him ‘the poor’ and ‘reprehensible’, after the issue of treason at the beginning of the year. He says that despite the hardships and mistakes of the child, they take care of each other, and you are looking in prayer to God, and to give time for the situation to pass, and everything will be set. What do you think?

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