Rihanna, he donated $5 million to the affected communities COVID-19


(CRHoy.com)The coronavirus COVID-19 raging in the global economy, affecting millions of people, their health, their finances. Prior to this pandemic, all of them are vulnerable, but without a doubt, the consequences are all the more stronger, poscontagio” for municipalities with scarce resources. For this reason, it is Foundation, ” Clara Lionel (CLF, for its acronym in English), of the singer Rihanna announced that it is donating us $ 5 million edge groups in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa in order to counteract the effects of the disease in these areas.

Between the organisations will benefit from the donation are: Direct Relief, Partners in Health, Feeding America, The International Rescue Committee, the The background is the response in Solidarity COVID-19-the world health organization, among others. The intention is that the money can support local banks and of the food, the cooperation with communities at risk and older people United States Of America and in countries such as Haiti and Malawi will be used to accelerate the testing and the attention to the affected people.

Other purposes for which the money is directed in training for the prevention and containment of the virus, the health of the workers, because they are the ones in the first row of the action. The focus is on the delivery of respiratory critics, protection for the officers , diagnostic laboratories, the establishment and maintenance of intensive care units and the acceleration of the development of vaccines and other therapies around the world,” explains the Foundation through a press release. make

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As we can imagine this year, never would have, like COVID-19 changed so dramatically in our lives. No matter who you are or where you are, this pandemic is all of us will relate to. And for the most vulnerable in the world, the worst thing that can be,” said the Foundation in the document.