Selena Gomez reacts to Justin Bieber and his “apology” because of the past


The story of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is the never ending story. On 15 February, Justin Bieber interview with Zane Lowe, in the for the first time, the canadian artist recognized, led Selena Gomez injured during the time in which they were gathered together, and even more so after the last break, when he gave up in a couple of months, his engagement with the model Hailey Baldwin.

The statements of Justin Bieber on his ex-partner went around the worldalready since more than 8 years, a few more couples in the media of the world, and the words of the artist were there, they were very popular.

Since then all the world awaited a response from Selena Gomez to the words of her ex-boyfriendand a source close to the artist has pointed out-for the environment and the ‘Hollywood Life’, in order to ensure that the apology of the singer succeeds, damage is already done.

Selena feels to be praised, in the words of Justin, but that doesn’t fix everything, what happens if you were both together. Don’t want your relationship with Justin to define, but feels comfortable in the knowledge that he spoke, of what he has expected really, to be honest. The words of Justin cause Selena feed too-not a place for your music is to give, for all these emotions,” said this source.

Following statements by Selena Gomez, is using Hailey Baldwin to your account of Instagram sharing a story with the following sentence: “A person in two months can make you feel more than one person in two years. That doesn’t mean anything, the character of Yes” some of the words that the fans of Selena Gomez have done nothing good.

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It should be remembered that in one of the latest hits of the artist, the song “Lose you to love me’, it says the following: “In just two months, I have reemplazaste, as if it would be easy” so, in the words of Hailey Baldwin were once again an indirect Selena Gomez was in it.