Selena Gomez returns to music after 4 years


Today Selena Gomez anger on social networksbecause the young singer is 27 years old, was in Instagram that as it seems, in relationship to your new album.

The picture shows Selena hair long and wavy behind a peak, with the view to the above, the distorted with a filter in white and black; and in the description to read: “pink glasses”, what is believed, is the line of a new song.

Hours after Selena surprised his followers with such an interesting photo of the singer moving to los angeles, what seems to be a “teaser“from their upcoming release musical, into the estimated of the sentence is: “I Saw the signs and ignored”.

Similarly, in shared a picture twitter where on your face should appear Times Square, where indicates the following: “Ask Alexa to follow me, @Amazon music”

Response in networks

After a series of publications by the artist of the “Taki Taki”, the selenators have filled the social networks with encouraging to Selena, this #Selena iscoming, #SelenaIsBack, and #SG2ISCOMING.

There is no doubt that the return of Selena Gomez, the music is one of the most anticipatedand at the moment, just wait for further signals of the artist remains.



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