Shop in Fortnite changes today in the middle of the day. What can be added?


Today in Fortnite is a very unusual Situation. The in-game store does not change during the night, and by 14:00.

Tonight, the Shop Standard will be amended to show a new and counter instead of for 24 hours until the end of the shift, only showed a few.

As a result, we know that the business is a 14:00 Moscow time. This means that the Epic is in him something special.

An unusual hour of the exchange Shop

Shop in the rule changes at 01:00 at night. Today, however, changes twice, the following change happened around 14:00. In the past, this meant that the addition of specific object in the rule, skina. This time in the queue two Skins.

One of them is certainly, Oro, ‘ve recently had your problems, the second is Travis Scott, of the mentions of several months.

The skin is, and whether it is possible, is the Skin? It is hard to say. Epic has several variants, including those that only something zbugowało and Countdown of the remaining time, the Timer restarts, and go in order.



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