Slot machines in various miejscówkach in Fortnite revealed by program bug. Whether on a constant Basis added?


Yesterday, in the Update 12.21 something changed in slot machines. No one, however, could not say what exactly.

Update 12.21 presented in Fortnite is a big change, and except for new problems, in the files of the game for Oro, changed also even slot machines.

Under the Community immediately there was a theory that States that soon, slot machines come in the normal Battle Royale, and will no longer be valid only in creative mode.


Slot machine error disclosed

Error graph showed that the slot machines have their certain places on a new card. However, this is not too big news, because the first Slots we have already a few days after the beginning of the 2 Chapter. Then the recurrence were visible in the mode.

Now, however, it seems that it is more than reasonable. After leakerów, that is, the people now files of combing games, slot machines were new locations.

On slot machines, a couple of weeks ago and normal players. However, it was a bug in the visual, which was quickly rebuilt. In the last few months, there have been many theories about the return of slot machines. Almost every few weeks, someone, believes, appears, that it is now, of course, back.

However, no confirmation from Epic Games. Slot machines were Patch 11.00 seized, so that, in fact, a large part of the time. If you go back, it is likely that it is already happening.

Suspiciously, however, is that Epic change is still something in you, if, of course, news leakerów are correct, in fact, something you can slot in the theme. However, it is not known when and under what circumstances would return.



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