So is the wedding dress that Beyoncé renewed their wedding vows


If you have learned anything from Beyonce is that each video is on the rise, must be carefully analyzed, because a single frame can say it failed, a hefty message. We know, because if Beyoncé he shared in their social networks a video which had gone unnoticed with the best moments of the year for the singer, a picture took the little one is still 122 million followers and her huge assets, it is not. “Wait a Moment-my -:” we have a picture of Beyoncé on the loose appears in a wedding dress? Because we know every one of your looks in your video clips, and this dress is not part of your arsenal fashionista”.

In fact, we found ourselves in front of a picture in which Beyoncé lucia, the dress, with which she renewed her vows with her husband, redundantly, as we know, Jay-Z. What logically was, of course, also ask, who is the author, or the author of the bride dress, and the designer himself was, Galia Lahav, it has managed to make a screenshot to share with the world the message that the real Beyoncé has renewed their vows with one of his designs.

We ask the designer a eye wait on the social networks, the singer impatient that Beyoncé analyze you a picture with your dress, think of it almost up to us, the laugh comes, level for level, the video in which the singer remembers his best mometos wait for you to dress appeared, when … Bingo! “The Queen B (Beyoncé), took the dress,” Thelma to renew her vows with husband Jay-Z in June, but this is the first official picture of this extraordinary day, and we love the new one!”, provides for the publication.

The dress Thelma, by Galia Lahav
The dress Thelma, by Galia Lahav

The dress Thelma, we are a design in the Victorian style, with sleeves made of silk and ornaments vintage silhouette off-the-shoulder. This design is around € 12,000 to the company, with the Jennifer Lopez the year was to act through the use of the mono-Gala 109, in the celebration of the end of the year by NBC.

Although the participants of the tour ” On the Run II represent could, in the distance, a picture of Jay-Z and Beyoncé seem to be the dresses of the bride and groom is in a projection, while the song ‘Forever Young’ rapper and the mother of the singer, ascended had a long time ago a screenshot of this moment, we admire, until now, the dress.

The Beyoncé set brings, the of the company israleí without a doubt significant results for the brand, because everything that deals with the singer, turns to gold. In fact, to rise thanks to her and her husband, the Louvre Museum, has managed to 10.200.000 visitors in the last year, again, as the most visited museum in the world. Jay-Z and Beyoncé in the video of going apeshit, to appreciate the important works such as the Mona Lisa and now, with 146 million views on YouTube were taken inside the Museum.



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