Taylor Swift recognition is through activism


United States Of America.- GLAADthe most important organization in the United States for the protection of the rights of individuals, the LGBTQ+ announced that the mars in a Declaration and an award for the volunteer to Taylor Swift for his activism in defense of the equality.

“To stand up bravely against members who have opinions against the LGBTQ+ a, the attention to the urgent need for the protection of persons, the LGBTQ+ discrimination by the ‘Equality Act’, Taylor Swift usa is proud of its unique ability to influence the pop culture for the promotion of the acceptance of LGBTQ+,” – said the President GLAADSarah Kate Ellis.

“In a time of political division and cultural, Taylor’s music connects us all, and that he request to its huge community of followers to speak without reservations and changes,” he added.

Swift will receive the prize top in the 31 edition of the awards in the media GLAADon 16. april in Los Angeles.

According to the organization, in this recognition different “allies have marked a significant difference in promoting the acceptance of people of LGBTQ+”.

On the edge of this award honored the awards from the media GLAAD recognize and honor the examples in the communication is “fair, reasonable and inclusive representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) and the issues that affect their lives”.


Swift, who has had during a certain period of time, the view with suspicion from the world of entertainment, allegedly an accomplice of the conservative elites of the country highlighted in recent years by activism, feminist and defence of the collective LGBTQ+.

An example of this is their song “You Need to Calm Down”, in which he asked for, the intolerant “peace”, because “never hate anyone, made it less gay”.



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