Taylor Swift thought retired, was The city of Torreón


Taylor Swift surprised her fans from Instagram, the face, the new cover of Rolling Stone.

Swift shared the photos of his recent session for the new issue of Rolling Stone, in which is displayed a colourful make-up inspired colors of Aqua. In an interview for the publication, Swift opened and she said that some of its incidents are known.

The interpreter spoke about learning compared to the perception of ever-changing audience about you, because anyone who made a mistake, was crucified, therefore, is how to be if you are on something positive, it was criticised, without ceasing, he confessed to the magazine.

According to Taylor, to be the constant change, loved, hated mark left on him, and has raised the question of whether he will leave the music completely. “In any case, I much thought,” he said.

“I thought of how the words are my only way to make sense of the world and me, and now every word I say or write, squirms against me,” he revealed.

This constant manipulation of the words of Swift, was even more difficult to deal with, when other celebrities were involved, were, like Katy Perry and Kanye West.

The singer, he told both fights, and though you and Perry you set aside your differences and be friends again, Taylor made it clear that his drama last year with West, who she called “two faces”, nor can it cooked the blood.

However, he noted that not a betrayal hurt more than the one you created, Scott Borchetta, the President and his seal is formal, who is selling the shots, teachers in their first albums-manager music-Scooter Braun as part of an agreement, the us $ 300 million. “These men are very powerful and rich, to buy the 300 million of other people’s money, as the body of the work, and the women,” he added.



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