The beauty poses with the coronavirus, and Shakira has


The gel hand sanitizer was disappearing begins the product to the pharmacies, there were even complaints about excessive prices in some establishments in the course of the pandemic. Their scarcity and their need of what he has done was that beauty brands are dump in the production of this good, lame, the other as a perfumes or creams that you have considered, in this time of ‘less necessary’. The company is as a reaction to this crisis of health care, but there are some companies that you are oozing really are, by the governments of their resources for cooperation in the fight against the pandemic.

Since everything started, there were companies that carded were high, and Shakira wanted to echo. And is that Puiggiant , the manufacturer of perfumes, spent part of their production capacities for the production of gels hidroalcohólicos and thus prevents the bearing.

Other labs have also the Spanish have in common the struggle, by their lines for the production of solar cells. Sure, you have already the products from Heliocare, the property of Cantabria Labs, because they were provided by the Ministry of health of 12,500 units produced in its newly-opened plant of The shell and will continue to be explained is produced, until the situation calls for it, such as John Matji, your President.

The conglomerate American Estée Lauder for example, in addition to the re-opening of a factory that closed had, in Melville, in order to produce gels, disinfectants for the population of the world, including, of course, also the medical benefits, a special payment of 2 million us dollars to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to support their work for the world and their response against the coronavirus in countries with few resources and very shocked. Part of The NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund, a Foundation to the affected to help, which by the coronavirus, that you have the support of social services in New York. But also beyond the borders of more than 800,000 have been donated dollars Red Cross in China and Shanghai. Also $ 1.4 million to the Foundation for the development of the woman, donated by the medical services of the first line support.

For a world more beautiful. (Unsplash)
For a world more beautiful. (Unsplash)

L’oréal has worked not only in the production of gel-about his brand La Roche-Posay. Also, the accounts are frozen at the hairdressers and beauty salons, to promote to her again, his shops, and small businesses, and works with the European health authorities for the production of a disinfectant for the hands. Their brands are involved, lead to different actions. Garnier disinfectants are divided into the supermarkets with which it works, and the Foundation L’oréal donates a million euros to the organisations and charitable foundations with which it works already, and the offer, hygiene kits (shower gel and shampoo) and a disinfectant for the hands, for social workers, volunteers and beneficiaries.

One of the first, which was a Supplement to this March LVMH, certain factories, the products of brands such as Christian Dior, Guerlain or Givenchy for the preparation of the gels, disinfectant for the hands for the supply of French hospitals.

Sure that more and more companies makes the iran, these kind of initiatives ” pro-to stop the virus. What is clear is that the one that did show up now, what is true beauty.



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