The biquni Alessandra Ambrosio enjoys a swimming pool, in-house e f f praise: “Perfeio” RedeTV!


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(Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Alessandra Ambrosio used Instagram on the evening of Tuesday (24.) to share with you, a photo seems to be bikini you can enjoy a swimming pool in your house. In the caption, the model is asked the people to stay in their home for the benefit of the the pandemic the Corona virus.

It doesn’t take long to leave the internet, him a lot of recognition. “It’s perfect. Flawless!”, he said that one. “Each day, the most beautiful,” wrote another.

In another recent publication, Alessandra Ambrosio, gave you to publish the followers, a photo special on the side of the model, Supermodel international airport.

In the picture, the two wear a bikini with green and radiant, while you are driving your tan in the sun in Ireland.

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