The first reaction of the singer to be recorded, and the video of his interview with Kanye West


A long time coming, but Taylor Swift finally said, the filtering of the video, gives him the right in his dispute with the Kanye West. This match comes from the year 2009, as the American rapper and the singer broke down at the award ceremony VMAs to say that it is Beyoncé the one that really deserved the award for the Best video clip female. An unpleasant situation came later, after a brief and public reconciliation, when the man Kim Kardashian on the market of one appeared, musically of his singles newer well-known, Famous. In this song, said that he hoped that there is an intimate relationship with the singer in the future and with an insult machoassured that the reputation of the young woman, it was thanks to him. Before this you rebelled and denounced the situation, so that now a series of allegations which ended with the withdrawal of the public author Shake it off for several years. Now, the publication of these pictures show what really happened.

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“Instead of answers, all those who ask me how I me the video leaked out, the show that I always told the truth about this call (you know, this recording is illegal, and someone edited and manipulated so incriminarme and happen to me, to me, my family and the fans through hell about 4 years), deslizad to the top, in order to know what is really important,” she answered Taylor Swift in a messagelead to who recommendation Feeding America, a bank, food for the needy. So remember, prevented the incident, without on deaf ears, because, as they themselves declared, so in the evening, the pictures that have already been published, in part, and edited by Kim Kardashian. In the snapchats published the celebrities listened to the singer to say that Kanye had to do and say, how to feel, and that you was right, be honest in your songs.

Therefore, the fans of Kim and Kanye “cast” Taylor of social networks on the basis of emojis snakesometimes as manipulative, because they criticized Famous when I use the content of the songs. Then the singer would reply, even though he had spoken by phone with the artist who had never told him that the insultaría in your theme, and also criticised that their conversation would be recorded and disseminated without her consent.


In the video you can hear the filters that Taylor was nervous and excited by the possibility of the use of certain formulas of male letter with the request to complete the song and to decide whether or not I was in agreement. The images much for talking to us clear that you do not consent to be was someone, insultada in the song, because the rapper never showed him the verses in which Yes, there were insults. The only warning of Kanye was going to a party, had a more intimate relationship between the two. She understood it, thanks to the good sound: “Oh, my God! I need to think about it, because you know that if you need something for the first time, think about it. But it is absolute madness, I am glad that it is not derogatory. I don’t think of this as a pejorative”.

After this new information, the artists were just some of the I like fans of the defending. Without want you even more in the war with Kanye West. For his part, Kim Kardashian was the first to react to the filtration. “The video teaches us nothing new. We knew of course from all of them. I’m very confused nowwas assured by a message, received a number of criticisms of your behaviour and your husband’s with Taylor Swfit.



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