The friendship between Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez was


In the last few years, several occasions have been seen, in which we Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston, we have a solid friendship. And is that the singer and the actress have to columns of amounts and great support in the difficult time of your life, such as the transplantation of the kidneys of Selena or divorce from Aniston and Justin Theroux.

But when this friendship was formed between them? And that we remember that the age difference between the two, is pulled out, at the age of 24, is not usual in a friendship…

Now, after a long time the intrigues, the portal Distractify has revealed the big secret.

And how are they met in a bathroom during a party, compared to “Vanity Fair”what a typical!

My heart stopped and I ran to my mother“that allows Selena to even recognize that was a big fan of the actress.

An encounter that later on a friendship developed eventually, and both also shared the same agent.



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