The package has a Łybę after a couple of hours will appear in Fortnite. How is the appearance?


In Fortnite, the new package will go with other Łybą.

The fact that Fortnite, that some time ago, gets new items, and cosmetically it’s no wonder. Furthermore, it can, however, surprise is the fact, as some Skins are Epic like that.

Łyba it is of a different type, which will be available only in the context of the package. Together with her in the game, the sweet backpack.

A new package with Łybą

As reported leakerzy, that is, the person responsible for the leak will be in Fortnite in the next 24 or 48 hours (depending on the Region) a new package with Łybą in the main role. In the framework of the 1000 V-bucks per call and unlock:

  • Skin with additional style
  • Backpack

Łyba receives a special kind of secret agent. It is not known how much this will all cost. Packages are usually appear first on the console, cell phones, Nintendo Switch to Playstation, then Xbox and finally PC.

Probably the package in the game is evening already, while in some regions already available on the market.

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