The photo session from Jennifer Lopez in a bikini, from the light after 10 years


25. March 2020
(14:40 CET)

Jennifer Lopez for many, many years as one of the singers with the greatest influence in the world. The spectacular voice of the Bronx combined with a figure of scandal, which all have a star.

JLo the provocation has to be one of your best weapons. Not a few times we have seen that the American sporting outfits more than risky: excerpts from vertigo, transparency, mini-skirts, pants very ajustados…de everything.

Jennifer Lopez experience, the whole world

Combinations, then Jennifer boasts during his public appearances in concerts and events, and together with her distinctive voice make them the diva of each rule.

As to the accumulation of 100 million followers in Instagramand also for a celebrities the more accounts you have dedicated your fans. And is that the American hundreds of fans devoted to the publication of materials of the singer every day, either unpublished or back to the past.

Thus, posed Jennifer Lopez 10 years ago

For example, the following snapshots are. A few photos of the last stage, in which it is clear that as much offense as the years Jlo holds a figure of plastic. And also, that you always left a talent for posing in front of the cameras.

“How pretty,” “youJennifer Lopez naked? How is it that these images had not left before?”, “What is it? It’s brutal,” “Jennifer, this is beautiful…you were always an angel” or “Spectacular JLo“are just a few of the comments that you are engaged in the network.

Jennifer Lopez bikini white

Jennifer Lopez bikini white 1

Jennifer Lopez bikini white 2

Jennifer Lopez bikini white 3

A Jennifer Lopez on the other hand, it receives many criticisms to a few celebrities a decision on the crisis of the coronavirus, the impact on the whole world. Especially when you consider that New Yorkyour home town is lively and very different from the COVID-19.

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