The unexpected confession from Miley Cyrus on Demi Lovato: “The two were so gay”


To liven up by new technologies and the proximity to his supporters, the American actress and was able to again, their friendship with Demi and had a contact live with her, in these times of isolation, the result of the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“I’m very excited and I think my fans and the fans feel the same. ‘Bright-Minded,” live with Miley just came to a whole new level, one of the women, most inspiring, I have the honour of call friend for the last 15 years has provided, in my program Calls Live… he has the purpose of light (for) a moment, bringing the dark, and you guys are all crazy.”

And was happy that it is Demi Lovato who he has in his program.

The opportunity, Cyrus wanted to be straight to the point, and was, therefore, he asked Lovato what are your recommendations to stay lit while in the dark times.came up

I started to go to Church, in December, and I found my relationship to God. I also found this application, prayers. And for me, this is my form of meditation is through prayer. (…) Mto meditate hile more, more you can, if you calm down“said Lovato.

The goal is, the two talked about the different breathing exercises, practicing with apps such as Headspace and Aura. “Also you can talk with your friends and to communicatebe, ” said Lovato.

The Actresses also sinceraron with their fans about how they came, thanks to the seals dismorfia body, the love to yourself and to grow within the public sphere.

Finally, the blonde ex has told Disney that when they met, the connection was: “The same, because the two were super-gay”.



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