These are the celebrities and their solidarity initiatives against the coronavirus


Rihanna, Bill Gates or Justin Timberlake are just a few of the well-known faces, which rages on the fight against the disease in the world

24/03/2020 17 updated:34

From Bill Gates to Rihanna about Chiara Ferragni, Justin Bieber, or Sara Slamo (among many others) are contributions of all kinds to help you to survive the coronavirus. Donations, especially, but also initiatives that free, tips mindfulness or activities on a specific sector of the population, you will continue on in the fight against the coronavirus.

Any person who decides that the measures the safety and health of the authorities, or those who simply decide, put optimism in your life and get up every morning with enough energy to ms in quarantine are, by a great effort to curb the spread of coronavirus. The classes, fitness, formations, the books, the movies, and a variety of initiatives, ms reproduce free for all, not to leave, to avoid their liability, the social contact, to prevent infection. This is a big step for the whole of society in the fight against the coronavirus.

But there are privileged people, whose economic possibilities of a registration extra in this fight. Many celebrities have not hesitated a moment in the need to do everything to the crisis of the health exit care as soon as you can.

Rihanna decided to donate a portion of their revenues (in particular, five million dollars), in order to help provide food for the communities, which ms prone to the spread of viruses (such as the elderly) and to the acceleration of test and treatments in countries such as Haiti or the Republic of Malawi.

Chiara Ferragni and her husband created a Fedez the background for donations, which has achieved after two weeks, 5 million euros allow you a new area of intensive care was performed to a patient is infected to treat Covid-19. Of this area, there est always cheer their first patient and the influencer still, that the people have in common with each registration, the of the small that it.

Donatella Versace, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga,Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake and so until the completion of a long list of well-known faces have made donations to altruistic in order to survive the crisis of health care, the impact on the more than 380,000 people around the world.

In Spain, to donate out of the Fund, promotes the hashtag #YoMeCorono, many have drawn of familiar faces, their own initiatives of solidarity. Sara Slamo and Isco Alarcn created #descoronatea campaign of crowdfunding, the money for the purchase of medical equipment and donations to various hospitals collapsed. Your provision of 20.500 € expected to grow quickly in a short period of time 500,000 euro has brought, the goal of the campaign for the purchase of respiratory protection equipment, masks, gloves and gels, disinfectants.

Tips and initiatives through networks, which serve the consciousness of the population, such as the IStayHomeFor are the small actions that help in the fight against the Covid-19. Michelle Obama spoke with Ellen DeGeneres to emphasize in networks, how important is it to avoid the contacts for the as controlling the spread of the virus. “I’m sorry for all the people suffering, what happens with the economy, and we need to be aware of why do we support these people, if this quarantine is completed, and see what remains, your business and your life”commented the ex-first lady of the presenter, by, your program on television, calls the star ms mediticas to count, how you will live the situation.

Elsa Pataky, has announced that it is in your profile of Instagram that goes on during the insulation, the free access to his application training find routines, fitness recipes, and sessions of mindfulness. “During these last few weeks, many users have shared with us, such as the programs of Centr has helped you stay positive in these difficult times. And that is why we want all of the Tengiz access to the app during the upcoming six weeks.”

You see this publication on Instagram

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A publication of the shared Elsa Pataky (@Elsa Pataky confidential) the



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