Amandla Stenberg: the Star of ‘the Hunger Games’ takes on gay: ‘Out of the closet with pride”


Amandla Stenbergthe actress, who starred in the first film in the franchise The Hunger Gameshas shown that being gay in the June issue of the British magazine Wonderland. Amandla has to tell his / her account on Instagram about her “coming out” is an expression in English, which is the equivalent of a “get out of the closet”.

The “out and proud”, wrote the actress alongside a photo of all the color — there are a lot of colors, the clothes, the make-up and hair. To say “So glad you like the words,” Yes, I’m gay ” and get them printed. I was interviewed for the @wonderland by @kingprincess69. Thank you, KP, for providing me with a room that is open so safe for me.”

Second, Amandla, the interview hiccup gay, first encounters with masturbation, lesbian, Symbol, whimsical, Toni Morrison, and disappointment as a springboard to the critical’, in addition to the work she has done in the film.

In this year, she released the film Spirit In The Dark, The Hate U Give and Where The Hands Touchall-in pre-production.

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