Barbara is White, and the scenes after the supposed betrayal


Brian White is one of the many faces of a new generation of talent for fiction, which he took to the robbery in the apartment of the Portuguese. It is possible, a few of Kelly Bailey and Julie Straw, one of the greatest triumphs of the DRAMA in the war for the audience. That doesn’t contributes to her talent as an actress, but also, like the others already mentioned – it’s a beauty to deny that is.

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It started on the tv, a young man, 17 years old, in the impostor, and most likely all through the your home in front of the camera, and the way in which he took the role of Garcinia. It was almost a veteran, it is not even the heads of the viewers of soap Operas on the TV in the possibility that the boy has not yet reached the age of 18.

The role of an innocent girl, with a touch of spite, he opened the door, and Brian White has not stopped since. He was summing up, shares in soap Operas and entertainment programs of the CHANNEL. And now, 19 years old, plays the role of Simone, on The wire rope, that they decided to leave the shell as a whole.

Here is the video:

Intense sex scene with Rodrigo, Thomas,

The image of the innocent girl who counted his days. In the new soap opera in television, the actress for the main role in recently, a hot sex scene with Rodrigo, Thomas (Edu). The two-character play, make love in the studio the day after the dinner in the cozy home of a niece (Paula Neves). The one that stands out, even to the sight, were the generous curves of her, which is not always so clear-cut. This is because the actress has in public-an attitude that anything in the Bible.

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These sex scenes come on the tv, the Portuguese, and at the same time that the news of the supposed betrayal of her, of Mary, Joseph, the Countess. The actor went to Brazil to take part in a soap opera in the world, and has been in the news for allegedly too close to an actress, the love of a couple, Juliana Paiva (read more here).

Scroll through the photo gallery to see pictures from the scene, led by Brian White, and the other pictures in the show.

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