Beyonce transforms into a sexy lioness


Beyoncé will voice the character of Nala in the movie live-action from the lion king

Is Beyoncé had an incredible transformation! The successful singer s turned into a lioness for a gala, went to the he, accompanied by his daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

It was the Wearable Galato prove the rule , of honor, a theme and dress clothing to show its size. For this edition A trip in the countries of the pride”, on the occasion of the new live-action version of the classic Disney was trying to, the following: “-, The Lion King.

Beyonce. / Photo: Screenshot Instagram

The singer one came with a dress, which is suddenly the face mighty lionand the long and Golden springs and were ready to simulate the face of the cat, and their mane. The outfit included a long and wide level, the Beyoncé manipulated to give it even more spectacular look.

Beyonce. / Photo: Screenshot Instagram

The third edition of the Wearable Gala was organized by Tina Knowles Lawsonthe mother of the artist in favour of artistic programs for underprivileged young people and new artists.

Beyonce. / Photo: Screenshot Instagram

The The Lion King in the cinema to come in the next few months; Beyoncé is his voice to the character of Nala.

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